The most efficient way to produce anything is to bring together under one management as many as possible of the activities needed to turn out the product.

- Peter F. Drucker
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We are pleased to welcome you at the website of Innovative Advertising and Marketing Solutions ARYANMEHR Co-op. The present web-service was arranged for our customers’ convenience. We are glad to display the range of souvenir products we manufacture and provide you with a tool for quick processing of your orders.

The ARYANMEHR Co-op is a progressive, multi-disciplined Innovative Advertising and Marketing Solutions that have the skill, focus and discipline to ensure your projects are not only completed safely, on time and within budget but fully achieve their intended purpose.

Services of International Marketing and Communication Design, Guerrilla Advertising, Interactive Design, WEB & EVENT Org.

Our core business involves all elements of a project life-cycle including feasibility studies, capital justifications, front-end engineering and detailed design, right through to full turnkey project completion. Our extensive experience across a wide range of industries encourages cross fertilization of ideas and adoption of best practice techniques. Our up to date knowledge and translation of current legislation allows ARYANMEHR CO-op to provide practical advice at minimum costs sufficient to satisfy current and impending regulations.

The ARYANMEHR Co-op Marketing research department is a strategic market research consultancy.
We specialize in primary market research – acquiring data first-hand.

The ARYANMEHR Co-op Marketing research department is a full-service research provider, meaning we handle all project aspects, including:

Design research methodologies
Manage and execute fieldwork
Analyze and summarize findings
Provide actionable recommendations
Present findings to team members

Partnership on every project, our objective is to provide accurate, timely research data and to help find solutions to business questions.

We share a vision; to create, innovate and explore the world.
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